November 3, 2016

Advanced Excel Training Lahore Be an Excel Expert | Accountech

Advanced Excel Training Lahore

Advance Excel Training in Lahore
Advanced Excel Training in Lahore provides students a sound understanding and knowledge about discovering and using Advance Formulas and Functions of Microsoft Excel. It will be a comprehensive training of Microsoft Excel 2019 Course in Lahore by most qualified trainers who have vast experience and have invested their time and experience to make this course interesting and easy to understand for the students and professionals. Advanced Excel Training in Lahore is very important for every person to get the job of your choice. As we all know job market in Lahore and all over Pakistan is very competitive these days and employers have too many options of candidates to choose from according to their requirements so they will only prefer those people who are already trained on Microsoft Excel from one of the best institute offering practical Advanced Excel Course.
At Accountech Training & Solutions we make sure to provide comprehensive training of Microsoft Excel 2019 which will enable you to become an Excel expert and you can proudly show your excel expertise at your current job or can confidently say that I am an Excel Expert ! on your next job interview and we are very hopeful that you will get that job after taking our Advanced Excel Course.
We offer Advance Excel | Excel Business Modeling | Excel Financial Modeling and Advance Excel Macros & VBA Training in Lahore.
Advanced Excel Training Lahore
Our training will be a step by step training program from beginners to Advance Level. Trainers will be very cooperative throughout the training program so you don’t have to worry about your learning pace as trainers will give individual attention to each and every student in the session.

Advanced Excel Training Course is Ideal For:

  • ACCA, ACMA, CIMA, BBA, MBA, and students.
  • MIS Reporting Executives.
  • Finance Professional and Auditors.
  • Human Resource and Admin Executive.
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals.
  • Senior Management and Team Heads

Why Accountech Training & Solutions?

  • Professional trainers.
  • Non-mechanical approach with personal attention.
  • Flexible timings.
  • FREE course revisions.
  • Comprehensive training with practical examples.
  • Certificate on completion.

Types of Training:

  • Batch training.
  • Corporate training and workshops.
  • In-house training.

Course Content:

Formula and Function Tips and Shortcuts

  • Fill Series & Sequences
  • Excel Default & custom Listing
  • Excel Short & Power key’s
  • Using and extending AutoSum
  • Using the entire row/column references
  • Copying column formulas instantly
  • Using Paste Special Functions
  • Converting formulas to values with power key
  • Using Conditional Formatting Techniques
  • Displaying and highlighting formulas
  • Simplifying debugging formulas
  • If Then Logical References
  • Powerful Use of Nested IF’s
  • Sorting & Filter Out Data
  • Freeze Panes
  • Copying Formats From Ranges
  • Formatting & Sheet Alignments
  • Ranking The Results
  • Introduction to absolute and relative references
  • Combining multiple functions in arrays
  • Building random number generators with RAND and RANDBETWEEN Report Finalization

Report Finalization

  • Using Subtotals for expandable report generation
  • Creating Multiple Subtotals
  • Creating Reports With Criteria Based Sum
  • Creating Reports With Multiple Criteria Sum
  • Using Developer Functions – List Box Creation
  • Assigning Charts to Reports
  • Creating Formula With Multiple Sheet References
  • Advance use of Mix of Absolute & Relative references
  • Creating and expanding the use of nested IF statements
  • Creating 3D formulas to gather data from multiple sheets
  • Using the AND, OR, functions with IF to create compound logical tests

Lookup and Reference Functions

  • Looking up information with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
  • Finding approximate matches with VLOOKUP
  • Finding exact matches with VLOOKUP
  •  Using Relative referencing In Column Indexes
  •  Masking Ranges to Enhance formula readability
  •  Using Data Validation List
  •  Using Wild Card Character & Developer Functions enhance Power of Lookups
  •  Using Spin Buttons
  •  Using VLOOKUP and H Lookup With Tables
  •  Automate Posting with Macro
  •  Locating data with MATCH
  •  Retrieving information by location with INDEX
  •  Using MATCH and INDEX together
  •  Data Validation Error Check Restriction & Rights on Cells
  •  Setting Access Passwords & Full or Partial Sheet Access
  •  Split & Combine Data Between Cells & Columns
  •  Setting Up custom Sheet Views
  •  Setting Printable Areas & Page Breaks

Database Functions & Advance Filtering

  •  Tabulating information on a single criterion with COUNTIF, SUMIF, and AVERAGEIF
  •  Tabulating information on multiple criteria with COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, and AVERAGEIFS
  •  Extending formula capabilities with Database
  •  Counting unique entries in a range with a Database formula
  •  Search Box reports Using Advanced Filtering
  •  Flipping row/column orientation with TRANSPOSE
  •  Automate Filters With Macros

Pivot Tables With Dashboard Reporting

  •  Creating PivotTables
  •  Manipulating PivotTable data
  •  Grouping by date and time
  •  Grouping by other factors
  •  Using slicers & Timeline to clarify and manipulate fields
  •  Using Pivot Charts
  •  Dashboard Reporting

Text Functions & Connectivity with Other Applications

  •  Extracting specific data with LEFT and RIGHT
  •  Removing excess spaces with TRIM
  •  Using CONCATENATE with functions
  •  Adjusting case within cells with PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER
  •  Adjusting character content with REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE
  •  Reviewing additional text functions
  •  Splitting Data between Columns
  •  Creating Excel-Word Auto Sync Cheque Printing System

 Course price: 4,000 Rs for on-campus training / 2,000 Rs for online training.

Course duration: 3 Weeks.

For more details call: 0331-8433334

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